Buyer’s Guide Shipment Policy

Shipping Information

1. Ship all Buyer’s Guide shipments to the following address:

Nebraska Book Company
Buying Guide
4700 South 19th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68512

2. Shipment must be shipped on OR before five (5) business days after the last effective date of the current guide and received in our distribution center within five (5) business days of shipment.

3. Be sure to email your packing list to with Subject: Guide Shipment, prior to shipping. See all other packing list requirements in section two.

4. If total shipment weighs less than 250 lbs. and each individual package weighs less than 150 lbs., ship via FedEx or UPS (email for account number). If shipment weighs over 250 lbs., please contact the below to arrange transportation:

Logistics Resource Group (LRG)
(800) 950-1354

LRG will require the following information:

  • Carton count (loose or on a pallet)
  • Approximate weight (average carton weight is 50 lbs.)
  • Complete pick up information including address, contact person, and any special instructions
  • Location hours for pick up
  • Email address and/or fax number to send the bill of lading

5. Label each box with your return address or account number and the letters “BG”. Boxes containing packing list should be marked on the outside. Package all shipments with proper care to avoid damage or loss in transit.

Packing List

For the fastest possible processing, please send a packing list in advance of your shipment to with Subject: “Guide Shipment”. Please also include a copy of the packing list with your shipment.

The following information should be included:

  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Number of cartons shipped
  • Shipment Date
  • Carrier Used (FedEx/UPS/LRG)
  • Buyer’s Guide effective date
  • ISBN & Quantity of each item sent

If you cannot provide the above information, the processing of your shipment may be delayed. If we receive a shipment that does not contain proper paperwork and labeling, NBC will process as a prepaid shipment.

Contact List

Book Condition

Nebraska Book Company (NBC) will NOT, under any circumstance, purchase the following editions:

  • International
  • Instructors Annotated (IAE)
  • Custom Editions

Any updated terms will be at the discretion of NBC and communicated accordingly.

No Value Books – Only books with current guide value will receive payment. Books with no guide value, if sent in a guide shipment, will be accepted and shelved for resale. These books cannot be returned to the customer. If you prefer to sell no value books on your own, please do not include them in your guide shipment.

Junk or Damaged Books – books that are no longer resalable due to condition (see NBC Used Book Standards Guide for parameters). Junk books can be returned to a store at their request and expense.

NBC retains the right to refuse any books not determined to be authentic publisher originals. Please see the NBC Counterfeit Book Policy for details.

Please see the NBC Used Book Standards Guide for all other condition requirements.

Shipping Claims Policy

Nebraska Book Company’s goal is to provide a consistent shipping experience to all customers. We adhere to the following shipping claim process:

  • When NBC ships outbound orders to customers:
    • Shipment is the customer’s responsibility (FOB Origin/FOB Shipping Point)
    • Customer is responsible regardless of shipping method chosen
    • Customer is responsible for the shipment once it leaves NBC
  • When customers send Inbound shipments to NBC:
    • NBC is responsible for buyer’s guide shipments, rental return shipments and buyback shipments
    • Customer is responsible for wholesale returns shipments
      • Customer is responsible for any lost or damaged items while in transit to NBC

Questions? Please contact

Last updated January 6, 2021. The contents of this buyer’s guide shipment policy supersede the terms of any previous buyer’s guide shipment policies.