A scenario that has played out only in fictional novels and Hollywood movies is now affecting the very real lives of everyone around the world. Many campuses have closed down and most students are finishing classes online. Even if you’re still going into work, your store is likely not planning to conduct a buyback in the traditional fashion.

With all of this change, how can you host a successful virtual sell back event, and help students feel connected to campus and each other?

Here’s how to make your virtual event a success:

Begin promoting your virtual event on social media now.

We recommend posting about your virtual sellback site two times per week leading up to the end of your semester. Increase your posts to at least three times per week starting the week before your regularly-scheduled buyback event and continue through the end of buyback season.

We’ve done the hard part for you by creating these social graphics you can download below, customize and easily post to your channels. We’ve provided several color options to make customization easier.

Promote your site through email.

Send targeted emails to students encouraging them to use your sellback site. We recommend sending once-per-week reminders throughout buyback season. If you can segment to seniors only, consider making merchandise suggestions, like mortar boards and tassels to commemorate their accomplishment, alumni gear and diploma frames.

We’ve written some sample email copy, which you can use Student email templates.

Email header graphics are included in the downloadable art files.

Market your sellback event on your website.

Download the web banner graphics below, put them on your site and you’re done! Set ’em and forget ’em until buyback season is over.

Encourage student interaction and online shopping.

Be creative with ways to keep your students connected to each other and campus.

  • Host a contest for the student who is selling the most books back by asking them to post photos of their stacks of textbooks.
  • Consider posting a downloadable color sheet and hosting a student art contest. Or, keep the contest open-ended and have students post a creative project they’ve completed while self-isolating.
  • Ask students to post photos of themselves wearing their spirit gear and name a winner who is the school’s biggest fan.

Encourage students to shop online for summer class supplies or spirit wear. Message specifically to seniors to buy a commemorative mortar board and tassel, alumni gear and diploma frames.

For questions about our virtual sellback tool, email customerservice@nebook.com.