Book Rental Promotional Resources

Begin promoting this rental option on social media now. 

We recommend posting about this rental option multiple times leading up to and throughout rush.

We’ve done the hard part for you by creating the social graphics you can download below, customize and easily post to your channels. We’ve provided several color options to make customization easier. Social graphics are included in the downloadable art files below.

Promote the site through email.

Send targeted emails to students encouraging them to use this rental site and your promo code. Will recommend sending once per week reminders throughout rush season. Email header graphics are included but colluded in the downloadable art files below.

Market the rental option on your website.

Download the web banner graphics below put them on your site and you’re done! Set them and forget them!

New Bank Remittance Address

Nebraska Book Company has a new banking partner for wholesale customers. Effective, July 1, 2020, all payments should be mailed to:

Nebraska Book Company
Lockbox #: 776959
PO Box 776959
Chicago, IL 60677-6959

Please note: the above address is for First Class Mail only. All Overnight Mail sent by special courier should be sent to the actual site address listed below and should include the lockbox number and name.

Nebraska Book Company, Inc.
Lockbox #: 776959
350 East Devon Ave.
Itasca, IL 60143

*PrismRBS payments are not affected by this change.