Founded in 1915, Nebraska Book Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nebraska Book Holdings, Inc. (NBH), which also includes PrismRBS, Campus Store Design and Campus Advisory Services.

Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, NBH and its divisions provide course materials, retail technology, store design services, consulting and digital solutions to more than 2,000 collegiate partners across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

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With an extensive selection and large inventory of titles, Nebraska Book Company is an industry leader in providing wholesale, rental, and other acquisition solutions to the college store community.

While a subsidiary of NBH, PrismRBS is jointly owned with the Collegiate Retail Alliance, a consortium of the largest campus stores. Created by a merger of Prism and RATEX, PrismRBS is a technology and software provider for campus-wide retail services. PrismRBS leads the industry in solutions that empower retail stores with state-of-the-art eCommerce tools, real-time analytics and intuitive back-office software.

Campus Store Design is an innovative leader in collegiate retail store planning, design services and fixture outfitting. CSD provides consultation across a wide range of auxiliary venues around your campus. Our extensive network of vendor partners benefits our clients in creating an engaging and adaptable retail experience for students, faculty, alumni and fans.

Campus Advisory Services offers consulting services to help optimize campus retail and auxiliary operations by providing actionable, results-driven solutions. CAS goes beyond providing benchmarks and high-level recommendations by guiding leadership and staff through tactics that support long-term innovation.