WinPRISM ERP Solution

WinPRISM is the industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite offering unmatched scalability, reliability and security.

WinPRISM allows accounting, point-of-sale, and inventory control to run on a single server. Enjoy complete and seamless integration with campus systems including other commonly used ERP systems, financial accounting systems, and debit card solutions.

WinPRISM Add-Ons create a consistent user interface across all systems, support multiple locations, and provide extensive reporting capabilities. These individually licensed modules can be added to WinPRISM offering you to customize a comprehensive accounting program. Collect and retain customers through loyalty programs; and manage training, pricing and operational needs efficiently and effectively.

Through a handheld device WinPRISM’s Mobile Toolkit allows your staff and managers to more effectively and conveniently engage and service customers.

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