Why Buy New from NBC?

By Kurt Eddy, Director of Marketplace

Nebraska Book Company works hard to provide affordable course materials to meet the needs of your students and campuses. To this end, we have traditionally put all of our efforts into procuring USED textbooks as a cost effective alternative to NEW condition books directly from publishers. This inventory channel has been our primary focus for most of the company’s existence, but as we note shifts in the industry and USED supply becomes harder to come by, we have adapted our buying strategy to find alternative means to continue to offer value. Over the past few years Nebraska Book Company has continued to grow its stock of NEW books and now has nearly 100,000 units available for immediate ordering. NEW books from NBC come:

  • Shrink wrapped and shelf ready
  • Properly barcoded for New Retail
  • With 100% return privileges
  • At lower prices than buying from the publisher

Buying your NEW books from Nebraska Book Company also allows you to get more of your units from one source, reducing time and resources needed to receive multiple shipments. In addition, wholesale pricing on these units passes additional savings directly to your bottom line.

NBC is committed to this program and to your success. You can expect to see our inventory levels in NEW course materials continue to rise, providing further value and benefit to you and your store.

For your next order on MyNBC, be sure to change the “Book Type” option to “New and Used” to see NEW pricing and inventory available alongside USED and reap the benefit of buying NEW from NBC.

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