Tips & Tricks for a Successful Rush

It’s that time of year again! Students are starting to fill up campus and begin getting their last minute supplies and materials prepared — are you prepared for the rush? Whether its updating a register or having enough “Return” stickers on hand, it’s easy to look over the small things when there is so much going on. NBC is here to help with common issues stores run into during rush.

Read through our “To-do” list to make sure you aren’t missing anything:

  1. Are you a PrismPOS user? Create quick menus specifically for rush to streamline checkout.
    Click for instructions.
  2. If using MobilePOS: 
    • Register all Mobile POS units before Rush- link to doc
    • Run test transactions before Rush to be sure the units are working properly
    • Remove Phones from Sleds and charge separately each night to ensure a full charge for the next day
  3. If you will be using additional registers, set them up at least a week or two in advance. Test all printers, scanners and pin pads to make sure are all working properly.
  4. Double check all system users to be sure they are able to login and perform the necessary tasks needed.
  5. Make sure that financial aid has been purged and ready for the upcoming term.
  6. Reset Pin Pads! Instructions:
    • Ingenico iSC250 “clear and the ‘minus’ button”
    • Ingenico iPP320 “clear and the ‘.’ button” …
    • VeriFone  1,5,9 combo and or ‘pin-hole’ to reset.
  7. To ensure your system data has updated properly, perform a full ICS Download for systems with POS servers. Click for instructions.
  8. Rentals – Check to ensure rental period dates are set properly and test at the register.
  9. RedShelf – Test a RedShelf title at the register to ensure the system is functioning properly.
  10. PrismPOS  Administrators: Be sure to check the Cloud to make sure any changes made in WPAdmin flow to the Cloud, including your cashiers.

Common issues during Rush and how to fix them:

  • Printer Error Code 108
    1. If you are getting an error ’Printer Error code 108’ in WinPOS register when you open the wpposreg.exe client
      Turn off the register and turn back on.
    2. While the register is rebooting, check to see if the printer lights are turning off then back on.  If yes, then log into the register program and see if we are still receiving the error message.
    3. If lights do not reset, find the power cord for the printer and unplug that device. Then, reconnect the printer’s power cord and attempt to log into register again

*If the error is still present, contact PrismRBS Support

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