Retail Systems Management

Our Prism suite of cloud-based software has grown to become an industry leader in developing innovative technology for higher education which provides a single campus-wide solution.

Whether it’s for your bookstore or stadium, back office inventory management or data analysis – we have a solution for you.

Turn your campus operations into a better bottom line. This interactive platform allows you to analyze all of your data in one dashboard using real-time, customizable reporting. Track key metrics, manage inventory, and measure sales with confidence. Work smarter.

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The most robust on-premise and cloud-based campus-wide ERP platform to control retail inventory and drive better business decisions. Your customer purchasing needs are your main priority … not your store management software.

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The most reliable and secure cloud-based POS technology offers the speed your customers demand with the streamlined process your staff require. We understand that speed of transaction and student experience are two critical elements for your store.

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Take your PrismPOS anywhere your customer goes. It’s not enough anymore to think “if you build it they will come”. Today, you have to reach consumers where they are in order to complete the transaction. Our mobile solution will provide you with the flexibility you desire with the security you need.

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Create an engaging online shopping experience for your customers, showcase your in-store assortment online on any device, and drive revenue to your bottom line. An improved flow and user experience will guide your customers from start to finish.

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