Reminders for Your Upcoming Buyback

Buyback is here again! Get the most out of your buyback by preparing in advance with this checklist of reminders and tips:

  • Download and print shipping labels in advance
  • Store your rental books separate from buyback books – clearly label your carts, stacks and bins for easy storing and identification
  • Make sure to schedule your pick-up – pick-ups can be scheduled throughout your buyback
  • Print and post our buyback support quick guide to keep our NBC contact information at your fingertips throughout buyback
  • Test all your equipment, then test it again to ensure everything is working properly
  • Enclose a copy of your paperwork, and use labels sent by NBC to label all boxes, so NBC can process your buyback as quickly as possible
  • Remember the last buyback, did you run out of any supplies that slowed down the line? Stock up on those now!
  • Use all the free tools to market your buyback

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