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Publisher Rental Program

Our publisher rental program makes it simple for you to provide high-demand, rental-only books to students affordably and efficiently.

With NBC, you’ll have one dedicated team member to assist you with all aspects of the program, from ordering and receiving your text on consignment, to monthly reporting.

Publisher rental programs benefit stores and students

Benefits for Stores

Efficiency of operation

  • Inventory availability and management: Inventory is always available through NBC, and if it’s not, we manage the process of ordering more from the publisher, so you don’t need to source from multiple distributors. We also proactively reach out for term adoptions and can also accommodate one-off orders.
  • No risk of over-ordering: You can order what you anticipate you’ll need for only the cost of shipping. Any overstock can be kept to replace possible non-returns or shipped back.
  • Streamlined reporting for PrismCore users: Reporting is automated for PrismCore stores. There is no need to track and send transactions to NBC.
  • Streamlined reporting for WinPrism users: WinPrism users simply need to email a preloaded rental activity report to NBC monthly.
  • Easy-to-use reporting template for non-PrismCore users: For customers not using PrismCore in-store, we offer an easy-to-use reporting template to track publisher rental transactions. You only need to send us the report monthly.


  • Reduced inventory costs: Term-over-term use of a title eliminates shipping costs and decreases time to enter books into a POS system. New inventory is needed only to meet the needs of increased adoptions or to replace non-returns or buyouts.
  • Reduced shipping costs: After you initially order publisher rental books, you can keep them in-store to re-rent to students the next term, and for as long as they are adopted thereafter. This way, there are no shipping costs for returning books back to NBC after each term. The only time you’ll incur new shipping costs is to replace non-returns or fulfill new adoptions.

Increased revenue

  • Steady prices: Because prices are determined by publishers, they are less susceptible to fluctuating market changes.
  • Higher-margins after term one: The initial costs of shipping, unpacking books and entering them into the POS system drop off after the first term, increasing profits the second term books are rented.
  • In-person traffic: Publisher rental books drive in-store traffic by bringing students into your store at least twice – once for pickup and once to return their book – which creates opportunities to cross-sell other merchandise. This benefit is unique to physical textbooks; digital rentals don’t drive foot traffic into your store.

Benefits for Students

  • Access to books: Publisher rental provides an affordable print option for students. Even with rising interest in digital formats, research supports higher learning outcomes with a print text.
  • Affordability: Students can rent a publisher rental title for much less than purchasing a new book.
  • Easy to obtain and return: The ease of picking up and returning a book to a campus store can’t be beat. Students are unlikely to even decipher publisher rental books from regular rentals.

Publisher Rental Program Myths

Myth 1: Non-return fees are way too high.

We acknowledge that some publisher’s rental-not-returned fees can create a hurdle to adopting this program, but not all fees are the same. We encourage you to reconsider with Pearson titles. Pearson’s non-return fees are the list price of the book, which averages less than $70.

Myth 2: I’ll lose control over adoptions and pricing.

With a publisher rental program, you gain control over inventory risk, because there is no risk of ordering more than what is rented. You’ll only pay for shipping and a percentage of each rental transaction (never for books that are not rented). And, you won’t lose control over adoptions – you’ll be gaining another affordable, low-risk option.

Publisher rental pricing models also keep you competitive and in control. Pearson’s set rental price allows for an even playing field in your market, and McGraw Hill’s suggested pricing is designed to keep you competitive.

Myth 3: Publisher Rental is too complex and difficult.

NBC is here to help. In fact, with our program, you will have a dedicated point-of-contact to help you navigate the process. Our reporting process is also simple. PrismCore customers do not need to do anything – we’ll pull monthly reports directly from your system. WinPrism has an easy-t- download report that can be sent to NBC. Non-PrismCore customers will be provided with an easy-to-use reporting template, which must be completed on a monthly basis.

Myth 4: Too many students will forget to return their book. 

You might be surprised with the statistics here. Our numbers show very few students don’t return books at the end of the term.

Year-over-year, our schools have averaged a 98-percent return rate.