NBC Introduces PrismInsight™: The next generation of business analytics

Lincoln, Neb: The technology division of NBC has introduced PrismInsight™ to the higher education market, its newest product in the Prism Suite of software offerings.

PrismInsight™ is an interactive platform that allows users to analyze data in one dashboard using real-time, customizable reporting. It can also track key metrics, manage inventory, and measure sales with confidence. The dashboard and mobile app make it easy to access analytics from anywhere.

“Leaders need a single platform to understand all of their campus-wide data. The new PrismInsight™ interactive dashboard provides users the ability to assess sales in the café, revenue and profit trends within a physical or online store, and tracking of general merchandise sales at the big event. PrismInsight™ will help customers make better decisions with the metrics that matter most.” – Rick Bunka, CEO, NBC.

PrismInsight™ allows you to view your PrismCore™ inventory data, PrismPOS™ and PrismMobile™ campus transactions, along with your PrismWeb™ eCommerce sales in one interactive and seamless analytics program.

“It was important for NBC, in partnership with its customers, to complete a beta program to ensure the needs and voice of the customer were reflected in the development process.” – Stephanie Fickenscher, Director of Product, NBC.

“We needed a way to standardize reporting and with PrismInsight™, the task was SIMPLE!!” -Terence Cahill, Director College Store, Beta User at SUNY Cortland.

To learn more about PrismInsight™, visit www.nebook.com/prisminsight

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