Product Content Management

Product Content Management

NBC’s Product Content Management service optimizes the information required to sell and market products through omni-channel distribution. Too often retailers struggle to carry-over the same experience in-store to their eCommerce site. It takes a lot of time and resources to ensure all your products offered in-store are available online. It doesn’t matter which other elements are optimized on your website, if your products are not listed to meet your visitor’s needs, you’ll miss the sale opportunity.

That’s where we come in! NBC has the knowledge and expertise to fully acquire and optimize your online product offering. We can provide full-service management of online merchandising to maximize your brand exposure, ease labor costs and increase online sales of non-textbook products.

Product content optimization is all about providing well-written, organized, relevant and social-ready content for eCommerce website users. This will expose your store to:

A broader online reach
Quality content on your website will help drive online visitors and sales.

Increased credibility with search engines
Quality content is a key factor that search engines use to determine where your website will display in their search results.

A better customer experience
Customers will have improved success finding the merchandise they’re shopping for.



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