Improved WebPRISM Search

Improved WebPRISM Search

NBC is happy to announce WebPRISM Search – Powered by Elasticsearch, an industry leader in search technology.  The same technology used by some of the largest IT organizations in the world, now runs WebPRISM Search.


  • Industry leading search engine technology
  • Increased relevance of search results
  • Search now updated hourly (previously daily)
  • Increased performance

Search result relevance is in the eye of the beholder.  WebPRISM Search utilizes best practices as the default.  A direct match on ISBN is more relevant than a search for math returning results for mathematics.  WebPRISM Search is flexible and supports a variety of scenarios for how customers interact and search on WebPRISM.  All with the goal to get the products your customers are looking for, to the top.

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