Digital Marketing Program

Digital Marketing Program

NBC understands not everyone is a marketing expert, especially when it comes to digital. That’s where we come in! The Digital Marketing Program is designed to help you increase traffic and transactions for your eCommerce store.

At NBC, we have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts that can build and deploy campaigns for your eCommerce website, to ensure students are shopping at your online store over your competitors’.

NBC creates a relationship between the bookstore and a network of marketing partners to utilize three digital advertising techniques:

Search engine marketing on Google (Google Ads) and Microsoft Bing
We bring qualified traffic to your site by outranking your online competition on Google and Bing through optimized geo-targeted Ad campaigns.

Retargeting triggers an ad after a user has engaged with the site, either by visiting it or placing an item in his/her cart and leaving the site without checking out.

Pay per Transaction – Advertising on shopping and promotional sites
NBC and our Affiliates will promote your offers on shopping and promotional websites, opening online channels for your customers to reach you.


Digital Marketing Program participants saw an average of 16% total online revenue driven by digital marketing program; 63% of shoppers were NEW customers.

Take advantage of NBC’s Digital Marketing Program and:

  • Become more competitive online
  • Drive online sales and optimize return (ROI)
  • Leverage eCommerce expertise with little upfront cost
  • Utilize a team of eCommerce experts at your disposal
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