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How to Bring E-Commerce to Life

Today, the path to purchase is becoming a lot more extensive. It can start and end at a different time, location and device. Businesses have to adopt to an ever-changing atmosphere to provide a seamless experience across all channels. Google research has found that at least 90 percent of consumers switch between multiple devices, on average three per day to

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Do you have high returns? Learn how to increase your sell-thru!

You have just wrapped up returns and you are starting to focus on next semester. As you finalize adoptions and work through your order decisions I am sure sell-thru is top of mind. You want to make sure that you balance your inventory and your budget so you neither run out nor have extra. This a difficult balancing act. Whether

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Retail CIO Outlook: Top 10 Retail Solution Providers 2017

Nebraska Book Company was recognized by Retail CIO Outlook as one of the Top 10 Retail Solutions Providers of the Year! Hear from NBC’s Jeremy White, Senior VP of IT, on how the PrismCore software empowers college retailers to be successful. Read the full article >


NBC Introduces PrismInsight™: The next generation of business analytics

Lincoln, Neb: The technology division of NBC has introduced PrismInsight™ to the higher education market, its newest product in the Prism Suite of software offerings. PrismInsight™ is an interactive platform that allows users to analyze data in one dashboard using real-time, customizable reporting. It can also track key metrics, manage inventory, and measure sales with confidence. The dashboard and mobile

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The Battle to Stay Independent

By. Ed Dillon I began my career as a publishing sales representative in 1990. In my territory I worked with 20 bookstores, all independent and institutionally operated. Fast forward to 2017 and only eight of these bookstores remain independent. Over time, beginning in the early ‘90s and accelerating from there, college administrations have made the decision to outsource bookstores to

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Adapt to your Surroundings or Face Extinction: 5 surefire ways you stay relevant

It’s no secret retail stores are closing left and right; and higher education campuses are not immune to this trend. According to the research recently released by Credit Suisse, there will be 8,640 stores closing in 2018. While many of these closings are expected, some of these brands are quite surprising. What does this have to do with higher education

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Nebraska Book and VitalSource’s Verba Software Deepen Collaboration to Help Independent College Stores Better Compete in Today’s Marketplace

Enhanced tools allow stores to offer student more affordable course material options LINCOLN, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Building on their five-year relationship, Nebraska Book Company, Inc. (NBC) and Verba Software LLC., a VitalSource company, have expanded their collaboration to increase campus store competitiveness and lower the cost of course materials for students. NBC is a leading source of software, textbooks, rental program options,

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Succession Planning: Be Intentional

Engaging members of the college retail industry daily, the team at Nebraska Book Company is increasingly hearing the news of store directors and text managers who are close to retirement. And while we congratulate those who are about to reach that well-deserving milestone, we begin to ask, “who is next in line to fill your big shoes?” More often than

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NBC Launches Internship Program

Nebraska Book Company (NBC) is excited to have launched a new internship program with a full array of opportunities for young people in the community to get their feet wet in the world of business. What better way to learn than with a company with a rich 101-year history and is consistently at the forefront of innovation in its industry.

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Do you know your student buying habits?

By: Mark Palmore SVP of Sales, Nebraska Book Company Collegiate retailers have always been interested in the buying trends of the average college student. In the early days, the only data we had was the buying history on each individual campus. However, as years passed and student’s access to course materials grew well beyond the campus store there developed a

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