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What can CAS do for your institution?

We discover opportunities and offer uniquely tailored solutions to create efficiency and increase the profitability of your operation.

Why Campus Advisory Services?

We have a combined 30 years of experience in campus retail, auxiliary services and general merchandising.  Our broad range of expertise allows us to help clients with both strategic insights as well as tactical and operational recommendations to optimize their business in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

List of Clients



Denise Walsh

Denise Walsh brings more than 30 years of specialty store and collegiate market retail experience to her role as the Strategic Campus Advisor at Campus Advisory Services.

She is skilled in both high-level strategy and deep tactical and operational insights for business optimizations. Denise has held many leadership positions at major retail companies where she gained valuable expertise in what it takes to strategically manage and grow a retail business.  As a key partner at Campus Advisory Services, Denise offers retail consulting services, strategy, tactical development and execution plans to effectively support and coach her clients through best practices for retail success.

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