If your campus is planning for the possibility of distance learning or starting classes early this fall, adjust your normal ordering timeline to account for drop-shipping textbooks from your store to students or receiving textbooks early

And, even if you finalize your bin early, be sure to check our inventory on a regular basis, because new titles are added daily.

Here’s a sample schedule based on the first day of classes starting August 24:

  • ASAP: Open bin
  • May 1 – July 16: Add to order
  • July 16: Finalize bin with NBC at least seven business days before your ship date, as bins are locked five business days prior to shipping, and at least six weeks prior to your first day of classes
    • Note: be sure to check inventory regularly after you finalize your bin, because new titles are added daily. You can easily open another bin and continue sourcing our updated inventory.
  • July 27: Orders ship from NBC; allow three to seven days for shipping
  • August 3-7: Receive shipments from NBC
    • Note: Be sure to account for more time to shelve books, if your staff will be reduced.
  • July 27 – first week of classes: Promote your store’s website to students for ordering course materials or provide information for students to shop or pick-up course materials safely in store.
  • August 10 – 28:
    • Ship orders to students if planning for distance learning
    • Rush re-orders
  • August 24: First day of classes

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